Kim Knight, graphic designer and owner of Knight Design

I’m Kim Knight

That's me over there. I’m a wife, a mom, a designer, an adventure seeker and 99% right-brained.

I offer a very speedy, lets-get-the-job done service, with a whole heap of great advice along the way. I strive for perfection, and I’m not happy unless you’re happy.

Nothing about my work is ever repetitive - I’m always designing something new. I have amazing clients (most of whom unfortunately I never get to meet face-to-face since everything happens online these days) and together we create successful projects that we are all proud of.

I used to offer website design, but I found I missed the creative side of the work too much. I still like to ‘design’ websites, but these days I leave coding to the left-brained people of this world. Instead I can give you options to rejuvenate the design of your current website, or supply you with the visual design elements you need to create your own site online.

Random Facts...

• I picked graphic design out of a college career book because the courses involved ‘rendering’ and ‘painting’, and I didn’t see mathematics listed anywhere.

• I work from home in slippers with my dog at my feet. I’m the best boss.

• I’m happiest when outdoors. I’m an adventure-seeking tree hugger that is always looking for sunshine.

• When I’m not working, I’m playing hockey. It consumes much of my life. Sometimes too much.

• I craft, paint and build things. I love taking something old and molding it into something new and creative. Especially if it involves power tools. When the snow falls, I paint. Usually with a glass of wine.

• I won the YWCA Muskoka Young Woman of Distinction Award in 2006 for my determination to succeed in life and as an entrepreneur.

• I refuse to use the font “comic sans

• I use a graphic tablet, not a computer mouse.